Welcome to
The Patient Empowerment Foundation


At a time when medical science is making substantial progress we are working with other patient organizations and partners to use the latest digital technologies, enabling patients to take back control of a serious diagnosis and work knowledgably to get the best care.

Who We Are

Driven by patients, with headquarters in Geneva, our virtual team of patients, doctors and advisors is devoted to you achieving the best outcome, wherever you may be. Meet us!

What We Do

To help the widest possible audiences, we harness the power of the Internet and mobile technologies to educate and empower patients and family members wherever they may be, in their own language and in a style that’s easy to understand.

Our Partners

We work in association with organisations that share our same goal, which is to accelerate patient empowerment through digital technologies. Our international partners vary from a wide range of organisations: research groups, patient networks, and social media platforms for patient communities.


Knowledge is power ...

Access to online information and patient empowerment are transforming healthcare.  6 out of 10 European go online when looking for health information (European Commission survey, 2014).  90% of those looking online said that the Internet helped them to improve their knowledge about health-related topics.  Communication and access to good information are key to achieving the best care.  At Patient Empowerment Foundation we believe patients have the right to be informed and to be part of the decision-making process in their disease journey.