5 Best Hormone Replacement Therapy Podcast of 2021
Horomone Replacement Therapy

5 Best Hormone Replacement Therapy Podcast of 2021

Women taking the hormonal medicine compensate for the estrogen their bodies stop producing when going through menopause. Hormone replacement therapy is commonly used to ease typical menopausal symptoms such as but not limited to hot flashes and vaginal pain and dryness.

If feeling incredibly good while going through menopause seems highly unlikely, it is time you let go of that kind of thinking and start thinking with a fresh positive mindset. With a positive mentality, your results will change your life. Magical formulas don’t exist, but it’s possible to find the perfect program. 

Meet a healthy lifestyle by including moderate physical activity or exercise in your everyday routine. Prepare healthy meals, maintain weight goals, stop smoking (vaping), limit alcohol levels, remove toxic levels of stress, and treat chronic health problems such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure, or hypertension. 

Need More Information About MRT?

After research, we find the following resources to be amongst the 5 best HRT podcasts of 2021. If you need additional information on this subject, feel free to listen to their broadcast about menopausal hormones in more detail.

1. Dr. Edward Lichten and Steve Peck

The Lichten Lifestyle with Dr. Edward Lichten and host Steve Peck offers some of the most up-to-date information on healthiness and wellness, plus they talk about anti-aging, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and all the cutting-edge news relative to growing older fabulously. 

Dr. Lichten wrote a best-selling book on Hormone Replacement Therapy called The Textbook of Bio-Identical Hormones. For more of Dr. Litchen’s programs visit www.AntiAgingRadio.com or go over to his website at www.USdoctor.com.

2. The Peter Attia Drive | Hormone Replacement Therapy

Managing menopause can be confusing and needless to say it’s a process! The changes are gradual but every woman will feel the full effect as she ages. The good news is most women will benefit from HRT. 

The podcast goes over the risks and discusses the different kinds of progesterone and estrogen. The discussion covers a wide range of information starting from what is HRT/TRT, why women and some men should take advantage of it, and what they can gain from the therapy. The talk is about different ways to feel better, sexually, mentally, and physically.  

3. The No Sugarcoating Podcast

Do you want honesty? Well, this is the podcast for you. Amber Romaniuk gets down to the nitty-gritty about subjects meaningful to most women wanting to change the game. Amber talks about how emotional eating, weight loss, food addiction, self-care, and hormone and digestive imbalances all affect us.

4. Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast

Registered holistic nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach, Hormone Fixer-Upper, and founder of the Holistic Wellness Blog, Samantha Gladish reveals her simple yet highly effective strategies to balancing your hormones. Not only that but she holds the secrets to losing weight and developing vibrant health programs that will light up your life. 

Women discover how they can create a world that is free to choose the foods they want and with ease and grace they didn’t think was possible before. If you want to achieve a life without disease and illness, check out her podcast. 

5. Zesty Ginger | Hormone Balance | Women’s Health | Mindset

Partners Megan and Alex are two of the most incredible women on the internet. They are an MD and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. By learning what works with the body’s natural cycle, Megan and Alex teach women how to stop settling for the next best thing. They teach what a woman should add to her health regime. 

These ladies work with pre-menopausal women online in groups to develop hormonal wellness. Megan and Alex use multiple approaches to conquer chronic female issues so women feel their best.