Empowerment through digital tools is still far away from citizens
Empowerment through digital tools is still far away from citizens

Empowerment through digital tools is still far away from citizens

Digital health is far from a trend, it has made it a real advantage for patients to have closer communications with their on-going doctors. However, although technology seems to be facilitating this area of health, it is still a long way from fully working as it should. There are still a lot of gaps that need to be filled in between, given that not all medical cases can be treated or diagnosed through an online platform. Although there have been numerous attempts to use digital tools to deal with different diseases, from monitoring them on a daily basis, treat them from far away or simply be able to diagnose them, the reality is that there is still a lot to do for the online platform to be more efficient.



The great part about the digital tools is that people are not becoming more accustomed to technology overall and they are learning how to use it. Therefore all platforms that are being developed are becoming more user-friendly to encourage their customers to use them more frequently. 

Accessibility from Everywhere

The greatest part about online platforms, and e-consultations is that they can happen regardless of where you are, people just need a decent wifi connection. However, this makes it an amazing advantage as people don’t have to be in the same place that their doctor is in order to get a check-up.

Constant Monitoring

Constant Monitoring and daily caring are some of the main advantages of e-consultations as doctors can regularly check up on a patient without them having to be at the hospital or attending physically a place. The doctor could talk to them and see them through a virtual camera and have them see for themselves if the patients need to come in, or if they can prescribe them something from far away.


Not a face-to-face consultation

One of the major cons when it comes to the use of digital tools in the health trend is that doctors don’t have the possibility to see you in a face-to-face scenario and therefore they might not be able to interpret your symptoms correctly through an online consultation. While sometimes the diagnosis might be correct, people still don’t have enough confidence in the digital tools given that some people believe that a doctor needs to physically see you in order to know what is going on with you.

No Immediate Care or Therapy

When a doctor is not there, he/she can only provide you with certain recommendations for your health however through an online platform there is nothing that a doctor could do for you right away. It goes the same way for people that need to go to therapy, this isn’t something that can be done online, people need that immediate care, and a digital platform can’t solve this issue yet.