No Gym Necessary: 3 Easy Fitness Challenges To Do At Home To Stay Fit
No Gym Necessary: 3 Easy Fitness Challenges To Do At Home To Stay Fit

No Gym Necessary: 3 Easy Fitness Challenges To Do At Home To Stay Fit

Not having a gym available shouldn’t be an excuse for not working out. There are a lot of physical activities that you can perform without the help of a gymnasium. Some people are able to stay fit only by following a couple of fitness challenges from their very own home. With the entire pandemic situation, a lot of businesses have to close, and since people we’re forced to stay indoors, they have to look for different ways to entertain themselves and keep themselves active. Among these activities, people found it very effective to follow a couple of fitness challenges to work out from home. You don’t need an entire gymnasium equipment in order to maintain yourself in shape. Simply by following a couple of fitness challenges you could maintain yourself active and in a great shape from the comfort of your own home.

Even after the pandemic, where places started to open up, some people were still afraid of putting their lives at risk by going to crowded places such as gyms, for that reason some people stayed comfortably working out from home. Whatever your reason might be, if you’re planning to work out from home, there are a couple of fitness challenges that you should follow in order to maintain yourself active. 

1. 30 Day Yoga Challenge

A great fitness challenge to get you started, is taking on a 30-day yoga challenge. Even if you are a beginner or already an expert at yoga, taking on a 30-day challenge is a great way to start off a routine. It is not only a great way to stay fit, but also it is a great exercise for the body and the mind. Being locked down at home might take a toll on the mental state of your mind, and therefore practicing yoga will definitely help you relax and de-stress while being at home.

2. 100 Squat Challenge 

The challenge itself is pretty self-explanatory, you need to achieve a hundred squats on a workout in order to start toning the lower part of your body. The challenge here is to repeat a hundred squats not only in one workout but in every workout that you do. You can start little by little, by doing 10 in one day, 20 the next, and adding more and more little by little. 

3. Planks by the minute

Another great challenge is to work on your plants in order to strengthen your core. Well, some people are able to last a long time planting others don’t have the resistance to do it. The best thing that people can do is build your strength little by little until you are able to beat your previous record. The planks by the minute challenge involve doing a plank every day for a minute or more, but continue adding seconds to the clock day by day, and always beating your previous time from the day before.