Social media: the power of people talking to each other
Social media: the power of people talking to each other

Social media: the power of people talking to each other

The power of social media has not only made communication among people a possibility, but it has also transformed the way that people used to live. Before everything used to be handled face-to-face and now people have the possibility to reach others through social media without really having to see them in person. Not only has this made communication easier for a lot of people, but in a lot of industries, social media has facilitated the dialogue among patients and doctors, buyers and stores, restaurants, and diners, among others.

In this case, social media and the enter digital platform has completely changed the medical industry. While before patients were forced to attend a face-to-face consultation and wait long hours in order to be attended to, now people can have this possibility by simply having an e-consultation. Technology has expanded the horizons for a lot of industries, and it has made it a primordial thing to focus on communication. 

Social Media and Medical Care

Marie Ennis O’Connor recently spoke at a breast cancer conference, in which she claimed that social media had an amazing power for connecting patients to their doctors. This overall turned out with a better outcome, as they were able to facilitate the communication with their doctors through an online platform. Communication is a vital aspect of the medical world; patients feel the need to be listed to constantly by their doctors, and whenever they get easier access to this platform, they become empowered by the possibility.

The Internet Helps People Feel Less Isolated

Another amazing thing about the power of social media is the possibility of communicating and sharing your experience with others. While some people might feel alone, trapped with a disease or going through something that they feel that no one can understand about, the truth is that out there in the world, there are a lot of people in the world that might be going through something similar or the same. The internet has brought people closer, and in this case, it has lessened the sense of isolation for a lot of patients. Some were able to find people that were going through the same thing and then, they would feel like they were not entirely alone in the matter. While others could find support and care from doctors or friends through social media.

The Power Of An Online Community

Just like mentioned previously, a big advantage of social media is the power of communicating with others. Whether this is friends and family to even people that you don’t know. It also goes without a mention that the internet provides people endless information that they might find useful. They are normally blogs or communities forming online that provide people with the opportunity to find a support group, or even to locate important information in relation to their medical condition.